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‘Joker’ Receives 8-Minute Long Standing Ovation At The Venice Film Festival; Final Trailer Out

Dark. Distressing. Joker’s final trailer was released four days ago and since then, fans of the Batman franchise and those of Heath Ledger can’t have enough of it. This installment directed by Todd Philips, co-written by Scott Silver, is a stand-alone film for several reasons (one of them being Wonder Woman’s whopping success). Distributed by Warner Bros, this is said to be a homage to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The King of Comedy. The protagonist of all the three movies, Robert De Niro, who plays Murray Franklin, a TV host in this film has said that Joker, the titular role is an amalgamation of Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) and Rupert Pupkin (The King of Comedy). Joaquin Phoenix plays a failed clown with an unsuccessful stand-up career, whose life goes downhill and he becomes the much dreaded and feared villain of DC universe, the Joker.

The movie was screened at the Venice Film Festival on August 31 and received an eight-minute long standing ovation. Critics were all praise were for Joaquin’s depiction of the dark and delirious criminal of Gotham city. Time Out magazine called this ‘one of the best social horror films since Get Out’ and ‘a truly nightmarish vision of late-era capitalism’. There were also a few who critiqued the movie for glorifying the acts of the protagonist.

Nothing seemed to bother the audience in Venice as they received the movie in an exuberant manner and they trust that it is a strong contender for the Academy Awards as well.

Joker, also starring Zazie Beetz, will hit the screens on October 4 in the USA.