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Julie Plays Double Game; Chaos In ‘Bigg Boss’ House

Fighting, shouting, taking potshots at each other, crying, backbiting, grouping, temper loss–there was absolute chaos in Bigg Boss‘ house in Thursday’s episode, and looks like it will continue in Friday’s episode too. The housemates failed to behave themselves even in front of guests (a kabaddi team) visiting the house.

Julie, as usual, wept when Namitha told her not to command others when the captain of the house was present, as were the guests. Gayathri, Namitha and Oviya had a face off over the issue, to the  embarrassment of the visitors. Then, Julie complained of stomach ache and wept. When some  housemates claimed she was ‘acting’, she burst into tears.


Oviya comforted her. While Oviya was leaving, Gayathri entered the room. To trigger a fight, Julie asked Gayathri, “Am I acting?” Gayathri replied, “Who am I to say that?” Then, Oviya said, “Julie, even if you die, they would say you’re acting.” This comment saw  Gayathri, Raiza, Namitha and Julie gang up to backbite about Oviya.

While Oviya was comforting Julie, Julie complained about Gayathri, Namitha and Raiza, but as soon as she left, Julie complained about Oviya to the girls. Her double game was evident in the episode.

With this ‘interesting’ footage, the show ran beyond its scheduled 90 minutes. One thing the audience could make out in Thursday night’s episode was that the housemates forgot about the cameras in the house.

Following the episode, Julie was trending on social media for all wrong reasons.