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Junior MGR’s ‘Kuravan’ Faces Opposition From Tribal Association


The film Kuravan, starring the late legendary actor and politician MG Ramachandran’s grandson Junior Ramachadran, faces opposition from the Tribal Community Association. Members of the association filed a complaint against the movie at the Chennai Commissioner Office on Monday, suspecting wrong portrayal of their community.

Recently, actor Vijay Sethupathi released the first look of Kuravan directed by Va Kira. Ramachandran is making his debut through this film. He is son of  MGR’s adopted daughter Sudha. The shoot for the movie began on January 21. The tribal community has now filed a complaint demanding a staying on shoot.

The complaint says, “Kuravar community (hill tribes) belong to the land of Kurunji. We are referred as Kuravan by the people. Tamil classic literature has mentioned about our community in ancient times. Many people from our community are now working in government services. We have sent many petitions regarding honours and achievements that our community accomplished in recent times and how we lead a dignified life.”

“However, we are often misunderstood with the Vakkirivala community who migrated from Gujarat and Maharashtra. The Marathi speaking people are different from us and they have also been listed in Tamilnadu’s list of castes. However, in the film Kuravan, Marathi speaking migrants have been portrayed as Kuravargal and we were shocked to see that our community identity has been wrongly portrayed in the movie. This kind of portrayal will lead to us losing our benefits given by the government.”

They also clarified that they are not the one who sell beads, handmade materials, hunt birds for their living. They said they purely belong to the Tamil land and have been doing decent jobs in the government.

They further requested the police either to make sure that the filmmakers change the title, or bring a stay on the shoot for the film. We are yet to hear the movie-makers’ stand on this issue.

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