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Jyothika’s ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’ To Hit Screens On November 16

Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Stills Starring Jyothika, Vidharth

The Jyothika starrer Kaatrin Mozhi, directed by Radha Mohan, is all set to hit the screens on November 16. The film is the official remake of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu.


Dialogue writer Pon Parthipen said that the star of the film is Jyothika, and added, “The film throughout will be ruled by Jyothika. No one can forget Vijay Lakshmi in the film. Jyothika’s acting is deeper than Vidya Balan’s in the original.”

Music director AH Kaashif, AR Rahman’s nephew, makes his debut with Kaatrin Mozhi. Talking at the launch, he said, “Dhananjayan (Producer) reached out to me through my friend after listening to my music on YouTube. I got into the industry after a 3 year struggle as an independent musician. Initially I didn’t know that the film will have Jyothika. But when I came to know, I became more nervous and more conscious, and I resolved to give the best to this film.”

The song ‘Dirty Pondati’ from the film has become popular, and will have actor Vidharth dancing for it. Talking about the experience, choreographer Viji Sathish said, “When Mohan (Radhamohan, the director) called, I didn’t expect to work with him. I though he called me to just watch a film. Later when I agreed, he surprised me when he said Jyothika would be the lead. I had assisted her,  a long time ago, in Oh Senorita song. Vidharth told me he cannot dance; but we made him do it, although after much struggle. He finally managed to dance to fast music, and with proper lip sync. It is his best performance.”

Actor Vidharth spoke next and said that this was his dream come true. He said, “It was my dream working with Radhamohan. When working with Jyothika, in Magalir Mattum we only had a half day time together on set, as my role was very small. When I heard the Kaatrin Mozhi story and read the script, I knew I could do it. I was fine until I saw Jyothika’s performance, I totally went blank after that because she used to complete her scenes in a single take.”

“Mohan sir found mistakes in her acting. When he can spot mistakes in Jyothika’s acting, I’m nowhere close to good. Similarly MS Bhaskar will be casually chatting, and suddenly he’ll get into character. That’s when I thought perhaps I was wrong to do the film. I haven’t seen such an actress and I mean this. If people say that I have acted well in the film then all credits should go to Jo ma’am,” he added.

Vidharth said that he chooses each one of his films carefully, said that Kaatrin Mozhi  is a film to cherish.

Commenting on Jyothika’s acting, actor Manobala said that it is very tough acting with her. He said, “If we ask her to give an expression she give you 8 different ones, she will kill us with her expressions. MS Bhaskar’s role and my role, our characters, are not present in the original Tumhari Sulu, but Radha Mohan brought it in because he wanted us to be there in his films.” He believed the film will do very well, and said that the producer, Dhananjayan, was capable of selling the film through social media, well.


Jyothika, who plays an RJ in the film, spoke next. Talking about her experience she said, “It is always a hard task acting in a remake. Because only hit films are remade, and we will be placed in a position where we have to make it even better. Here although we have Vidya Balan’s performance and character, the director kept it to one side and told me to be myself.”

Talking about working with Vidharth, she said “As an actress I’m not comfortable working with all the heroes. So far I felt the comfort only with Suriya, Ajith and Madhavan. Now after them I felt the same comfort while working with Vidharth.”

Starring Jyothika and Vidharth in the lead, Kaatrin Mozhi also stars Lakshmi Manchu, Kumaravel, MS Bhaskar, Manobala, Mohan Raman, Uma Padmanabhan, Seema Taneja and Sindhu. While actors STR and Yogi Babu will be seen in a cameo. Music is by AH Kaashif and lyrics by Madhan Karky.