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K Balachander’s Twitter Account Is Fake


The purported Twitter account of director K Balachander (@DirKBalachander) is fake. When contacted, Mohan, the longtime assistant of the director said that the director preferred to keep in touch with his well wishers ‘face to face or atleast through the phone’. Interestingly, the tweets from this account closely resemble ones made from the (supposed) Twitter accounts of actor Visu (@actor_visu) and Cho Ramaswamy ,leading people to suspect that the same person is behind all of it. Cho has made an official statement wherein he requested fans to ‘not believe anything that was said on his account’. Actor Visu though admitted to being not that ‘tech savvy’ and that he will be ‘consulting his lawyer on necessary legal action’.

The representatives of these celebrities are currently trying to shut the accounts down and are in contact with the officials from the social media giant.