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Kabali Cannot Be Compared With Baasha: Rajinikanth

Actor Rajinikanth, who rarely makes public appearances, made one on Wednesday at the 90th birthday celebration of veteran film producer and politician R.M.Veerappan. RMV is the founder of Sathya movies which has bankrolled many Rajinikanth films including Baasha.

“When I took part in the 125th day success celebration of Baasha, I mentioned in my speech that bomb blasts were becoming a menace in the state. That very night RMV sir lost his post as a minister. Guilt-ridden, I called him the next morning, but he surprisingly took it well, and assured me that I need not feel bad about it.”

The superstar also stressed on the importance of taking care of one’s health. ” I don’t think RMV sir has ever went to a hospital for medical treatment. I, for one, know the pain of getting treated in a hospital. I request everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone above the age of fifty must exercise everyday” said the  64-year-old actor.


Finally, he made a comment on his next project Kabali. “Many people ask me whether Kabali will be similar to Baasha. All I have to say is Baasha is incomparable. There is only one Baasha, and nobody can ever recreate a film like Baasha”, said the superstar, and his words evoked a thunderous applause from the audience.

The shooting of Kabali is expected to begin on September 17 at the Chennai Airport.