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Kalavani Mappillai Teaser: A Comic Ride With Actors Dinesh & Adhiti Menon

The teaser of Kalavani Mappillai is a collage of movie moments that seeks to establish the hero as an irrepressible man. Dinesh plays the quintessential commercial hero. He winks at the heroine (Adhiti Menon), has two different song sequences with her. Devayani and Anandharaj also make an appearance, presumably as Adhiti’s parents.


The trailer has no dialogues, with director Gandhi Manivasakam choosing to portray the overall theme of the film through the lively background score by NR Raghunandan.

Mottai Rajendran is in a suitably quirky avatar, in keeping with his past few roles. Here, there’s a shot of him wearing a pair of giant red sunglasses. If that doesn’t get the audience cracking up, we don’t know what will.

Meanwhile, the teaser also gives us blink-and-miss frames of Manobala (sneakily downing a glass of liquor), Renuka and Ramdoss.


Dinesh told Silverscreen that his role in Kalavani Mappillai took a lot of effort. The character requires him to showcase his comic side, something the actor is doing his best to hone now. “I haven’t had the chance to do comedy to this extent till now. So, I don’t have anything to fall back on. The main intent is to make the audience laugh, and that involves a lot of effort. There’s only so much we actors can do. I can’t wait for the trailer to launch, since that would be a more accurate representation of what I’ve done onscreen.”

The actor says that the film promises true entertainment. The kind that will make the audience forget their worries for a bit. “That’s the best kind of film, I’d say. A lot of people spend their last few rupees to get some fun. There’s no harm in creating content for them.”

The movie was mostly shot in and around Pollachi. The trailer and audio will be unveiled on September 8.

Watch the teaser here: