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Kamal Haasan: “Acting Is My Profession, Politics Is My Passion”

Kamal Haasan At The Celebrations of 'Children's Day' In Chennai

Kamal Haasan has said that acting is his profession, while politics is a passion and desire, and would not like to mix the two. Meeting the media on Thursday, Kamal Haasan said that acting is different from his political ideas, and that his roles must be seen as those of an actor’s. He also said he is no longer limited only to cinema to express his political opinions and can say them in public as a political leader.


Reports say that Kamal Haasan will be seen as a politician in his upcoming sequel Indian 2 directed by Shankar. In the first film he played a freedom fighter. When he was asked if there was any connection with his position as a leader of a political party, the actor said, “Acting is my profession, while politics is my passion. I will never confuse both. Even in the earlier film, I had certain political stances and politics and that was seen. So, when it comes to Indian 2, just think that a leader is acting and nothing more. If at all I need to tell people something, I will come out to the field and tell them as I don’t have to necessarily only talk through films.”

In the interaction, he also criticised right-wing political parties of creating riots and controversy over the Sabarimalai issue. “I would say that the violence and disorder has been created by people purposely. All these riots are created by the right wing parties.” Kamal Haasan also responded to a question about aligning with the BJP. Narendra Modi, in a recent interview, said that he is willing to accept Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in his party if they wished to join. However, Kamal Haasan said, “He may be willing to take us in, but are we willing to join him at all? If at all we want to, we will announce it.”


Earlier reports suggested that he would quit his acting career after Indian 2. While speaking in an event in Chennai, Haasan said, “They said I know many arts, but I would rather say I can understand the arts. However, by the time I understand a certain art, I may no longer work in it. I think I understand what acting is now, and so I want to stop. I think the understanding is sufficient and I have to focus on other things.”

Apart from Indian 2, Kamal Haasan has a sequel to his cult hit Thevar Magan and the much delayed Sabash Naidu, a spin-off based on the character Balram Naidu from Dasavatharam.