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Kamal Haasan Being Childish, Says Vani Ganapathy

Actor Kamal Haasan, in his first joint interview with his daughter Shruti Haasan, had told TOI that his failed marriage with Vani Ganapathy left him bankrupt. He also stated that he had moved to a rented house thereafter. However, Vani Ganapathy has shared her own version on the subject in an interview with The Economic Times, in which she strongly refutes Kamal Haasan’s statements.


Vani says that the divorce settlement did not bankrupt him. She attributed the financial issues to other, undisclosed reasons. She further added that he may have blamed her in front of their daughter to gain her sympathy as well as that of other people. Calling this petty and childish, Vani stated that throughout their marriage, they had lived in two rented apartments. According to her, they had never owned any house other than the family house. Vani also said that Kamal isn’t self-critical, and tends to blame others for his mistakes.

Speaking 28 years after the divorce, Vani said she hadn’t had time to think about Kamal or their failed marriage. She felt it necessary to speak up now because of the direct allegations. Neither her friends, nor Kamal’s family would welcome these allegations, she said. She has stayed in touch with Kamal’s elder brother Charuhaasan.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu