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Kamal Haasan’s Surprise Guest


Actor Kamal Haasan had a surprise guest on the sets of Uttama Villain recently. While shooting in Perungudi, the actor met the lady who took care of him when he was little. Mohana, who hails from Paramakudi, the birthplace of the Vishwaroopam star, was a neighbour of the Haasans and was a babysitter of sorts for little Kamal Haasan. In an interview to a Tamil magazine, she said, “I used to feed Kamal milk and he used to call me ‘Mogii’ because he couldn’t pronounce my full name. When he gets angry, he will call me ‘Karuppayee’.” For years, Mohana wanted to meet Kamal, but couldn’t do so. And when she finally saw her ‘little’ Kamal again, she was overcome with emotion. Kamal Haasan on being informed of the identity of his visitor, also got emotional and spent hours getting to know her again.