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Kamal Haasan After GST: “Filmmaking Is Deliberately Being Made Difficult In Tamil Nadu”

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Reacting to the Tamil Nadu government’s decision to impose 30 precent entertainment tax in addition to the GST, Kamal Haasan says it is ironic that a state with so many actor-politicians would make the movie business difficult.

He said, “It is only the Tamil Nadu government that has brought the tax to 30 per cent. Filmmaking is deliberately being made difficult in our state. Ironical that this should happen in a state whose chief minister until very recently was a former actress.”


Haasan said that he was trying his best to stay neutral over an issue that had agitated the entire industry. He said, “All factions of the industry are agitated. I am trying my best as any sensible individual of the industry to maintain solidarity and not play into the hands of any self-serving and avaricious politician.”

He also said he expected an escalation in protests. He said, “Film industry is one among the many industries asphyxiated by the prevailing systemic corruption in the state. I anticipate even stronger protests soon.”

Earlier, Kamal Haasan had said he would be forced to quit the industry if the GST was introduced. He is yet to formally announce his retirement from acting.