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Kamal Haasan Is Not Injured

Kamal Haasan’s recent hospital visit to Kerala had led to rumours that the actor was unwell yet again. A spate of other visits in the past few months also added credence to the reports, but Kamal Haasan has released a statement stating that he was not ‘injured’ during the shooting of Papanasam. 

Before various new ailments are endowed upon me, I hasten to clarify that all is well. It is not true that i was injured while shooting. It was a make up rubber prosthetic that slipped into my nasal passage and had to be carefully removed under medical supervision. It was a stunt scene so I had simulated injuries on the face…

The mention of a stunt sequence has led to speculations that the film will be vastly different from Drishyam. The team is currently shooting in Thodapuzha, in the same house where the original was canned.