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Kamal Haasan Lauds Fans’ Exposé Of ‘Rotten Eggs Being Served To Children’ Under Govt. Scheme

Kamal Haasan is all praise for his fans who exposed how rotten eggs were being served to children under the government’s midday meal scheme in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu. The actor, however, also cautioned them against lawlessness and advised them to consult professionals to take up the case. 

According to Outlook, the actor’s fans had visited anganwadi centres in July and found that rotten eggs were being served. 

This isn’t the first time the actor has taken an interest towards the functioning of the government. Lately, the actor appears to be rather interested in politics and laws of the country. A few weeks ago, Haasan implored his fans to send in details of corruption to the Tamil Nadu government. Earlier, the actor had come under fire from various Tamil Nadu political outfits for suggesting that there was widespread corruption in the government. Haasan was asked by a politician to furnish evidence to back up his remarks. His reaction, however, was to crowd-source details of corruption.


Ever since that day, and his face-off with BJP’s H Raja, the actor has received a lot of support for his actions, with some even interpreting this as a sign towards his entry into politics. The actor, meanwhile, declared in a recent interview that he does not like the idea of corruption being a major part of one’s life.

“Current state of politics is such that only a person well-versed in state craft can do some amount of good to the people. When it comes to me, I am probably the best choice to run a film school. I am not equipped enough to take on a career in politics,” he told Thanthi TV.