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Kamal Haasan Lauds Sathyaraj For “Maintaining Rationality In A Troubled Environment”

Kamal Haasan has lauded actor Sathyaraj for apologising for his remarks made nine years ago, and called him a “great human being”. The actor-director quoted from his directorial venture Virumaandi to describe Sathyaraj. 

On April 20, actor Sathyaraj publicly apologised for his statements on the Cauvery issue. Nine years ago, Sathyaraj, who was at an event to protest the mistreatment of Tamil men and women in Karnataka during the Cauvery issue, had said: “Tamils should not be like a tree which stands silently as any dog comes and urinates on it.”

Former MLA Vattal Nagaraj, who took offence to the statement just when Baahubali 2 was set to release, organised protests in Karnataka against the film. Sathyaraj was then given an ultimatum of eight days to apologise.

In his apology, Sathyaraj said that he was one among the many stars who spoke vehemently and aggressively in support of the Tamil cause and that he would continue to voice his support for any good Tamil cause, whether it be the Eelam issue, the Cauvery issue or the issue of the TN farmers. He further added that if any director or producer felt that employing him for a film was a risk, then they should not have him on board. 

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Kamal Haasan, who is another actor known to voice his opinions, is currently facing flak for his remarks about Mahabharata. The actor has been asked to come to court on May 5 for a hearing, after a right-winged Hindutva group filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in March. 

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Haasan had also spoken out during the Jallikattu debate in January, organising a press conference, and expressing his thoughts over the violence that escalated following the protests. He also criticised the scenario in Tamil Nadu when the state was in political turmoil.