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Kamal Haasan Likely To Announce ‘New Way’ Of Connecting With Him On November 7

Kamal Haasan, in his latest column for Ananda Vikatan, takes to task big pharma companies and the many ways in which they’ve made medical treatments unaffordable for the poor. But, the biggest revelation by far, was the actor’s declaration that he feels that it is his duty to unite the youngsters of Tamil Nadu.


“There’s an army of youngsters waiting for me. I can feel it. I have this sense of duty towards them. I feel like I should unite them and give them guidance. It is time I did something for them. To this end, I will announce a new way through which they can reach me on November 7. This is not meant for normal conversations, but serious discussions about our state and our vision for the future,” he writes.

The actor says that he does not want people who think of public service as a sort of personal sacrifice to join him. “They will make me feel like I owe them something, which is not the case. I want the kind of people who think of this public service as their duty. We can no longer afford to wait for others to help us. It is time we helped ourselves.”

While many decipher this message as his plans to launch his political career on November 7, some say that Kamal is instead launching an app that will allow him to connect with his fans.

Later, he tweeted clarifying, “I can’t announce the launch of political party just because of media’s insistence. Members of my organisation have been meeting on November 7 for many years now. Any public announcement will happen in the people’s council.”