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Kamal Haasan On Political Debut: “When The Time Is Right, We Can March To The Fort!”

Kamal Haasan, at a wedding event in Coimbatore, urged his followers to keep their hands clean. The actor also made a speech in which he gave the strongest indication yet that he was considering his political debut.


According to a report in The Hindu, Haasan said that people should not consider the function as just a wedding event, but also an inauguration.

India Today reports that Kamal also asked his fans to volunteer for the country.

“People who’ve been fans for the past 37 years… volunteer for the country too. If anyone asks you how long you’ve been in public life, tells them it’s 30 years.”

Haasan also addressed the cash for vote practice that has been practiced in Tamil Nadu for decades now. 

“You took money and gave your vote without realising that you are being paid from the money that belonged to you in the first place. You have sold five years for just Rs 500 and Rs 1,000,” he added.

Haasan urged his fans to continue questioning the government and said that it was time for political change.

“The time has come for us to make the journey towards the fort. To those asking me if I have the courage to lead, I say, ‘Do you have the courage to face my leadership?'”

Urging his fans to continue working the way they had done in the past, Haasan said, “When the time is right, we should march to the fort. And the journey should be in such a way that even a poor man should be able to march along with us.”

Predictably, fans of the actor welcomed Haasan’s comments. A few of them, however, did ask the actor to stop hinting, and make his announcement soon.