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Kamal Haasan to Rajinikanth, on Theatre Strike: “Let’s Request First as Gentlemen Should”

Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Theatre

Kamal Haasan responded to Rajinikanth’s tweets on the theatre strike issue. 

After seemingly silent over the issue of continued shut down of theatres across the state, Rajinikanth finally spoke up about it via Tweets on Tuesday night. Considering him a good friend, Kamal took to Twitter to commend Rajini speaking up against the high tax.

Ever since the tweet, the words ‘avaragalay’, ‘gentlemen’ and ‘rajini’ have been trending in Chennai.

Rajinikanth appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to remove the 30 percent tax levied by local bodies in addition to the Goods and Service Tax (GST). Close to 1,000 cinema halls have been shut in the state to protest the increase in taxes. 


Kamal Haasan, always at the ready to voice his opinion on politics, earlier said that filmmaking was deliberately being made difficult in the state. “It is only the Tamil Nadu government that has brought the tax to 30 percent. Ironical that this should happen in a state whose Chief Minister until very recently was a former actress,” he said.

Meanwhile, today marks the third day of theatre shut down. Theatres in Tamil Nadu shut down as a form of protest. Though the State Government and The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners and Distributors Association have been in talks for the past couple of days, there has been no signs of a definite solution yet. Some owners speculate that the theatres would reopen sometime later this week.