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Kamal Haasan: “Rational People Will Not Join Politics”

Actor Kamal Haasan tried to his best to steer clear of the topic of Rajinikanth’s rumoured political entry, but the journalists present at the Bigg Boss event wouldn’t let that slide. Finally, the actor said

“I will tell you when the elections are around the corner.”

When questioned further, the actor said: 

“Given the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, I would say no one should enter politics. Why singling actors? Any rational person will not do that.”


He also commented on the recent accusations that Rajinikanth was not fit to occupy office as he was not a Tamilian. “One’s feeling as a Tamil is more important rather than being born as a Tamil. Gandhi. Nehru, Subash Chandra Bose are not Tamils by birth, but many Tamil people keep the names of those leaders for their children. Many Malayalees consider me as a Keralite. If you ask whether I would try to become the chief minister of Kerala, I would say I am not interested in that.”

Kamal Haasan was promoting his debut Television show, Bigg Boss, in the city. He also added that this will in no way affect the progress of Viswaroopam 2 or Sabaash Naidu.