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Kamal Haasan Says Humiliating Vishwaroopam Ban Nearly Ruined Him

Kamal Haasan, who is currently shooting for Vishwaroopam 2, the second installment in the Vishwaroopam series says the Tamil Nadu government nearly sabotaged the first film, released in 2013. 

In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Haasan said he was reiterating a known fact about how Vishwaroopam was banned. “When the ban was lifted through legal recourse by us, the then-ruling powers took umbrage. They had it re-banned and later lifted the ban only after a public outcry,” he said.

On the second installment, Haasan said, “I don’t see anyone having any problem with the sequel. But then, you never know.” 


Haasan also said that the ban and re-ban had almost ruined him financially. Describing it as more or less a personal attack directed at him, he said those days were harrowing for him. He said, “All my property — everything — was pledged. I try to be known for humility, not for being humiliated. Unfortunately, that is what happened. I was humiliated, almost destroyed.”

He also criticised those who act as if the incident never took place. He said, “Amnesia seems to be a national disease. I presume in a country drowning in corruption, such incidents are very minor, and easily forgettable. But I haven’t forgotten. I lost Rs 60 crore.”

“For someone who pays his tax regularly, that is a crippling loss. Thanks to people, I’m still walking.”