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Kamal Haasan In His Column: ‘There Is Hindu Terrorism, And It Is Not A Win For Hindus’

Kamal Haasan at Cinema Journalist Association Event

Kamal Haasan says that the Hindu right-wing is now more violent than it has ever been, and that this growing violence within the camp is not a win for those who call themselves Hindu.


In his regular column for Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan, Kamal Haasan has expanded on his “saffron is not my colour” statement, and has blamed the right-wing Hindutva forces for fostering violence and communal politics.

This column is also Kamal’s response to Kerala Chief Minister Pinrayi Vijaya’s question to Kamal. The CM had asked Kamal, “I ask you, as a social commentator who talks about important current affairs. Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian movement, and Periyar’s self respect movement, had inspired many other communities and states, and we looked to Tamil Nadu for its lead, and inspiration. But today, that is gone, as communal forces have taken strong hold in the state. Hindutva forces are weakening the Dravidian identity. What is your take on this?”

Kamal responded by saying that progress through scientific knowledge is an intrinsic human nature, and that will eventually take us forward. He also says that the youth of Tamil Nadu have gotten into the act of preserving and protecting the culture of the land and the language, and that gives him hope.

Kamal says, “Earlier, the Hindu right would personally not act in violence. However, through debates and discussions, would incite their opponents to violence. This tactic has failed, and so they have begun using muscle power instead of dialogue. They have themselves become violent. No longer can a Hindu person challenge one with ‘can you show me a Hindu terrorist?’. Violence and terror tactics have spread deep within their fold. This terrorism is neither a win nor progress for those who call themselves Hindus. The belief ‘truth alone triumphs’ has now been replaced by ‘might alone triumphs’, but this will lead us to destruction, will make us all barbaric.”


Kamal added, with a note of hope, “Things will always change, that is the only constant. No matter how hard some try to push Tamil Nadu to the past, take the world backwards, circumstances and changes will bring it forward, towards progress. The day is not far when Tamil Nadu will once again lead from the front, and create a society where social justice is on top.”

Kamal, in his response, also adds, “Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian ideology is not a recent phenomenon. It is at least 1,000 years old, and Ramanujam’s (sage) social movement was an example of this. But yes, you’re right. Periyar’s movement, the self respect movement, had a deep impact in Kerala too. Which is why he was given the early, honorary title “Vaikom Veerar”, a title by which he was very popular in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu.”