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Kamal Haasan Won’t Apologise For Naming Abduction Survivor

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Kamal Haasan has refused to apologise for naming the abduction survivor recently. The actor was under attack from the National Commission For Women for his actions, and was asked to tender a formal apology. The commission also said that a notice will be sent to Haasan.

In a series of tweets, Haasan explained his position:

Kamal Haasan was speaking to the media when he said he wanted that all women should be safe, not just the actress. In the speech, he revealed the survivor’s name, something that is banned by law in cases of sexual assault. When it was pointed out to him, Kamal said, “It doesn’t matter if I have used the name. The media itself have used her name.Do not hide the name as there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to call her Draupadi, call her that. Don’t refer to her as ‘a female’.”