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Kamal Haasan Calls For Action; Asks TN People To Send In Evidence Of Corruption In The State

Kamal Haasan has issued a call for arms to the people of Tamil Nadu. Through a statement released last evening, the actor has asked citizens to send in details of corruption to the TN government.

Earlier this week, Kamal Haasan was under fire from various TN political outfits for suggesting that there was widespread corruption in the government. Haasan was asked by a politician to furnish evidence to back up his remarks.

In a move that can only be called cinematic, Haasan’s reaction was to crowd-source details of corruption. The actor has since received a lot of support for his actions.

The actor also said that he was one of the last few members in the film industry to not be afraid of the censor process in TN.


“In a bid to get entertainment tax exemption, many are forced to shell out money as bribe. I am one among the very few from the industry to have taken a stand against this. If more people gather evidence against corruption in the entertainment field, much of TN’s problems could be solved. I have done my bit for my industry. Now, it is up to the people of TN to raise their voices against the corruption they face in their everyday life,” he wrote in the release.