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Kamal Haasan’s Donation Receipts are Fake, Says NGO

The Petralthan Pillaiya Trust, an NGO supporting HIV-positive children, has denied receiving a Rs.16 crores donation from co-founder and actor Kamal Haasan. The actor had recently endorsed a celebrity brand for the first time in his career, and reports suggested that his fees from the company, Pothys Textiles, had been donated to the NGO. A receipt stating that Kamal had donated Rs.16 crores to the foundation was shared on social media.

The Petralthan Pillaiya Trust has claimed that the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ is fake. A tweet from the organization’s handle -@ptptrust read :

“Some of you may have read tweet regarding a donation by Mr.Kamal Haasan to the Petralthan Pillaiya Trust (PTP Trust) co-founded by him. This is false and rubbishing an otherwise genuine intent. Spreading this info gives false hope to our children. We are deeply concerned by the misuse of our letterhead, logo and the genuine intentions of Mr.Kamal Haasan. Please avoid spreading false information – Msg from Rajeev Nambiar (Co-Founder & Trustee) #kamalhaasan #ptptrust“.

The NGO’s mission is to “reach out to vulnerable children and provide them support necessary to overcome the hurdles they face in life.” Jointly founded by Kamal Haasan and Rajeev Nambiar, President and CEO of Tamil radio station Hello FM, the name of the Trust literally means, “Should one be a biological parent to provide love and care?”.