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Kamal Spoke About His Beliefs In The 1988 Film ‘Unnal Mudiyum Thambi’: A Bangalore Supporter

Kamal Haasan will emerge victorious in politics, just like he has done in cinema, declares Saravanan, a carpenter from Bangalore. “You want to know why? He has won four National Awards and had the talent to win more, but he is giving it up to make space for young actors, and is now entering politics. Kamal will give importance to education, quite like what he’d said in Unnal Mudiyum Thambi. A line in the song “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi” goes “இருக்கிற கோவிலை எல்லாம் படிக்கிற பள்ளிகள் செய்வோம் [let’s turn all temples into schools]”. His ideals are just like that of MGR. He’d also protested the presence of wine shops in that song.”


Calling the actor a “panmozhi vithagar [a polyglot]”, Saravanan goes on to add: “Even though he’s studied only till Class 8, he’s a padikkadha medhai [an unschooled genius]. He was made fun of when he hosted the show Bigg Boss, but it turned out to be a platform for young actors like Oviya, who’s now getting a lot of offers. Likewise, Kamal will appoint young people in all important posts. I have told all my friends and relatives to support him. He has a voice, and speaks up for issues like Jallikattu. Moreover, He’s a Tamizhan. We want him to become the Chief Minister and we’ll help him get there.”