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Kangana Ranaut Is Back In The News And Has Kicked A Hornet’s Nest Again

Kangana Ranaut at Femina Magazine Cover Launch

Kangana Ranaut loves to stay in the news. Right from calling out her former lovers to fighting with her directors or co-stars, Kangana doesn’t mind burning bridges. Why should she? She is one of the most bankable actresses of our times. Her last film Simran may not have set the cash registers ringing, but who can challenge her enigmatic presence on-screen?

Kangana, at a recently held media event, slammed Swara Bhaskar for ‘wanting to seek attention’. The usually politically incorrect Kangana also spoke about how she is a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his work. She also said, she doesn’t understand why people “don’t want to stand up for the National Anthem”. With this statement, she may have lost some of her liberal brigade followers, who had already put her on a pedestal for speaking against nepotism in Bollywood. But are these statements made to draw attention ahead of her film release?


At the event, Kangana once again steered the conversation towards her ex-lovers and how she never got a chance to dump anyone, but instead got dumped instead. One can wonder what made her say this, until the realisation dawns on you that her films Mental Hai Kya and Manikarnika-Queen Of Jhansi are up for release.

Kangana, has been loved and supported far and wide. Currently, the audience is in a state of conundrum about her views. To support her for calling out ‘nepotism’ and toxic masculinity in Bollywood or slam her for raking up old controversies. It seems like Kangana is on a self-made war path and has once again chosen to kick a hornet’s nest. It remains to be seen whether all this is a publicity stunt or her being candid.