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Ganja Karuppu Evicted From Bigg Boss

Among Ganja Karuppu, Oviya and Bharani who were nominated for elimination, it was Karuppu who was voted out by the audience. Interestingly, 13 million people voted to save the three contestants. But, according to the show’s concept of eviction, Karuppu had to say goodbye. Even Karuppu was not happy about this. “If given an opportunity again, I would love to get back to the house after a month, and I don’t feel like leaving now,” he said


It can be recalled that he was the one who often looked at the camera and requested: “Hello Bigg Boss, please send me home.”

After he left the house, he joined Kamal Haasan at the studios for a chat, where he branded Bharani a liar. “He is full of lies. I request Bigg Boss to send Bharani home as soon as possible.”

When Kamal asked him who would win the show, Karuppu replied: “I think Ganesh Venkatram will be the winner. He is very dedicated and just minds his business.”