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Karunas: “Why Can’t They Support The Tamil Cause?”

Karunas, vice-president of the Nadigar Sangam, has said that actors  who support the ban on Jallikattu will not be allowed to work in the industry. In light of the overwhelming support for the ban to be repealed, Karunas’ statements have been met with praise.

In an interview with Silverscreen, Karunas slammed Trisha for her association with PETA. He said, “Actors like Trisha have a moral obligation to fight for Tamil rights. They work in Tamil Nadu and profit off Tamil people. Why shouldn’t they support the Tamil cause, then?”

The actress had recently been harassed by Jallikattu supporters while shooting Garjanai. She was forced to cancel the shoot and fly back to Chennai. She subsequently issued a statement saying she was neither for nor against Jallikattu.


The Nadigar Sangam, which is usually quick to rush to the defence of actors and actresses when they are being targeted, has toed the line by issuing an ambiguous press statement on this issue. In the statement, the Sangam condemned recent instances where actors were harassed, and asked for a speedy end to the Jallikattu issue.

Notably, the statement did not ask for strict action to be taken against those harassing the actors.

Now, even with Karunas’ latest statements, the Sangam has remained quiet instead of asking for his removal from an Association that is committed to protecting artists.