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Kasthuri Deletes Tweet Saying Her Selfie Comment On Sivakumar Was To Create Sensation

Kasthuri At The 'July Kaatril' Audio Launch
Kasthuri At The 'July Kaatril' Audio Launch

Actress Kasthuri said in a tweet, which she later deleted, that her comment making fun of Sivakumar’s selfie controversy was to only create sensation. Her attempt to take a selfie with Sivakumar’s son Karthi at an event, had angered him as a disrespectful act. Despite her explanation that it was a temporary moment, the incident landed her in a controversy with many people trolling her on social media.

The actress tweeted that the team of July Kaatril needed something viral as the audio launch didn’t have the film’s lead actors participate. So she planned to ask actor Karthi for a selfie and it worked out. She also said that the people who reacted emotionally after believing what happened was true, would surely enjoy the film. However, the actress later deleted this tweet.

As reported, at the event on Monday Kasthuri told Karthi that she need not hesitate to take a picture with him because his father Sivakumar was not there. This angered Karthi, who had just walked up to the podium to speak about the film. He said that taking selfies without people’s permission had become common, and it was disrespectful.

“This is completely unwanted now. The act of taking a selfie has become disrespectful, with no one asking permission before taking the picture. The phone is shoved in front of the face. And to add to it, both front and back camera flashes are bright might affect a person with migraine. It has become disheartening to see people do this,” Karthi said.

Later Kasthuri responded that her intention was just to have fun, and it was a temporary moment. “Since we are public figures, people rush to take selfies and this is a problem faced more commonly by women than men. People are not bothered about what we feel or where we are, and are just looking at their phones. These things are done without knowledge that it is an invasion of privacy.”

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