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Kasthuri Says She’s A “True Fan” Of Rajinikanth

Actress and dancer Kasthuri Shankar, in a series of tweets, addressed actor Rajinikanth’s indecisiveness towards entering politics. In a series of tweets, she implored the possible future leader to be make firmer decisions. This, however, didn’t bode well with many people, choosing to troll her on social media.

And finally, she asked for a decisive leader:

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, she expressed that she was fairly surprised with the reception towards her tweets. “I never expected this go so viral and have a snowballing effect, because there’s no mention of any name nor have I tagged any handle in my tweets. I think a television channel reported it and that could be the reason,” she said, adding that she’s a true fan of Rajinikanth no matter what.

“I am a true fan of Rajini sir and because of that, I am talking in front of him, unlike other sycophants who back stab him later,” she said.


Rajinikanth, who met his fans between May 15 and 19, had expressed an interest towards entering politics. When questioned further, he gave vague responses, often attributing it to God’s will if he enters.

“God decides what we have to do in life. Right now, he wants me to be an actor and I’m fulfilling my responsibility. If God wills, I will enter politics tomorrow. If I enter, I will be very truthful and will not entertain people who are in this to make money. I won’t work with such people,” he said.

Speculations have since been rife over when he would join, with several personalities adding their two cents on the matter – some in support of his political entry, others not.