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‘KGF’ Trailer: Fire, Gold & Immortan Joe


‘The ending, to all great stories is written by destiny’- This is not only a quote that appears at the start of the trailer of KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) but also a line that earns the tag of a motif in the trailer. The trailer then proceeds to implement the quote through its plot by showing the simultaneous birth of the Kolar Gold Fields and the protagonist, only for him to end up at the gold-fields a minute later into the trailer.

After his birth in 1951, the protagonist is shown to have wound up as a 10 year old kid in Bombay, doing all possible things that’ll not only set him on the course of becoming a street thug(which he eventually he grows to be) but also justify his strength and skills in that career.

As destiny would have it, the protagonist (played by Yash) is plucked out of Bombay and sent to the KGF as part of ‘a job.’

In a movie that has the word ‘gold’ in its title and is centred on the story of a gold field, gold is first shown with a burning fire in its background. This equation is completed with the villain who wears gold chains. He is the Immortan Joe who rules the mines, reminiscent of the world of Mad Max.

The trailer of KGF is replete with shots of burning fire; it is present in the foreground when a police jeep passes by, it also takes up the majority of the background as the viewer gets a glimpse of a wide shot of the hero; a fire is even shown engulfing the whole mine.

Directed by Prashanth Neel, the trailer of KGF is high on scale and scope. In a bid to convey the epic nature of the story, the director slaps a rousing soundtrack throughout the entire duration of the trailer which instead of conveying the ups and downs gets easily monotonous.

Still, the arresting visuals aided by plenty of slo-mo keeps the viewer glued to the screens.

Watch the trailer here:

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