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Khushbu Hits Out At Gayathri Raghuram

Actress Kushboo at Mirchi Music Awards 2013 - Grand Jury Meet Event

Actor-politician Khushbu Sundar hit out at actor-choreographer Gayathri Raghuram for saying that she was spreading hate by sharing a video of a blind Muslim man being harassed and forced to say ‘Jai Sri Ram’.

Actress and Congress member Khushbu had shared the video by tweeting, “This is just the beginning, yet again.” To this Gayathri, who is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, tweeted that there was no credibility to the video and asked her to stop sharing videos that “spread hate”.

Khushbu hit out at her and said she had only remained quiet until now because of the respect she had for Gayathri’s family members, who were associated with the film industry.

She said, “It won’t take me long to respond to this desperate women (with zilch recognition from the saffronised party she belongs to), who has been targeting me… listen woman I respect your late father and your mother and your aunts too much to insult you, so shut up and stay put in your place.”

Gayathri unleashed a series of tweets in response to this, saying she was proud to be saffron and stood by her religion, and defended her party by saying that communalism happened both ways.

She said, “You have no common sense to know the proof of who is behind camera and who is trending hashtags for political benefits. Spreading hate among us. Sad that you’re just another one among the fake poralies and blinded to congress money power. Well guess what, Jai Sri Ram be with you.”


She then mocked Khushbu for the temple that was built for her by her fans, and for wearing the bindi and others religious markers in her films. She later, however, said, “Non-religious people like her were not taught basic principles in life and are turning agitators.”

The tweets started on June 25 and have still been on. Yesterday, Gayathri also tweeted about India’s victory in the cricket match, saying she was bleeding saffron.


Gayathri Raghuram, daughter of dance masters Raghuram and Girija Raghuram and niece of  choreographers Jayanthi, Kala and Brindha, has been working in the Tamil industry since 2002. In 2015, she joined the BJP in Tamil Nadu. Khushbu Sundar has been part of the Congress party since 2014.