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Kiran Bedi Movie in The Works


Kiran Bedi’s book – It’s Always Possible – may soon find its way to the theatres. The former IPS officer was in the city recently to launch the audio of Perarasu’s Tihar, when she claimed that ‘there was a perfect movie script’ in her book and that ‘the film if made, may even make its way to the Oscars’. These claims did not go unnoticed as actor-director R Parthiepan and Perarasu both came forward to make a script out of the book and direct it themselves. Kiran Bedi also mentioned that her book – though published in several languages – was not available in Tamil yet. Parthiepan, then, undertook responsibility for the task and promised to personally be involved in the translation of the book into Tamil.

He said, “We will form a panel of directors to make a film out of your book, madam. And I will personally take responsibility for the task of getting your book printed in Tamil. A story such as yours should be made available to everybody so that they can be inspired and do more for the nation.”