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KJ Yesudas’s Remark Sparks Controversy


Singer KJ Yesudas’s remark that “Women should not wear jeans” has sparked a row. According to The Indian Express, Yesudas also said, “What should be covered must be covered. Our culture involves beauty which should be covered. Women should not trouble others by wearing jeans. When they put on jeans, men are tempted to look beyond that.” He further added, “Women’s beauty lies in their modesty. They should not try to become like men. They should not force others to do unnecessary things by wearing jeans, which would give them magnetism.”

While celebrities on Twitter refrained from expressing their views, some users on Facebook observed that the singer’s comment has shocked them. A few Facebook status messages pointed out that Dharshana, Yesudas’s daughter-in-law and singer Vijay Yesudas’s wife, is a popular fashion designer, who is known for her love for denims and liberal designs.