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Kriti Sanon Says ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ Changed The Way People Look At Her


Kriti Sanon says that her ‘deglam’ role in Bareilly Ki Barfi helped change audience’s perception of her. 

“I think the response (to my de-glam role has been) great, and it’s something I was looking for. It takes one person to believe in you and believe in the actor in you rather than the person they see on screen, where you’re playing a glamorous role and urban roles.When someone believes in you as an actor, and try and put you in a different mould, it’s interesting for you as an actor as well,” Kriti told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

Sanon played a bold and liberated small-town woman in the Ashwini Iyer Tiwari directed film. “She’s a working girl, thinks of things very differently, puts logic and questions gender bias… These are things you do when you’re educated,” she added.

Kriti Sanon is an engineer by education, but ‘switched career paths’ once she got into modelling. “But for my parents, they wanted me to have a backup or security as all middle-class parents do. They are all scared and protective of their children, especially daughters who are going into a field so alien to them,” she said. 

The right education gives one the ability to take clear decisions and also bestows confidence, Sanon feels. “Education enhances your overall personality. It gives you a lot of confidence. You can have strong opinions based on your education and you have a sense of being independent. You are more aware about things happening around, and make decisions with more clarity.”

Sanon wants to get a formal degree in filmmaking at some point. If her film career doesn’t work out, the actor says that she plans to go abroad to pursue her Masters in Engineering. 

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