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Kuttymama Trailer Review: A Light-hearted Comedy About A Village Bore

Kuttymama, starring Sreenivasan and his son Dhyan Sreenivasan together for the first time, marks Balettan director VM Vinu’s return to direction after three years. The trailer for the film released yesterday.


In the film, Sreenivasan plays the eponymous character, an ex-military man by the name of Shekharan Kutti, who still packs a punch, not with his combat skills, but with the tales of his bravado. It is a familiar characterization of a retired army man, prevalent more among the villagers. And the film is set in a rural area too.

The villagers played by Santhosh Keezhatoor, Sasi Kalinga and Vinod, run for their life as Kuttymama doles out animated tales of valour one after another. Veteran actor Janardhanan, who has served in the air force, is also part of the cast.

Along with Bheeman Raghu and others, he appears in a brief scene in the trailer and is shown as one of Kuttymama’s listeners. In a later sequence, Kuttymama’s bragging crosses all lines as he says “Both Indian and Pakistani soldiers were equally adamant about having food cooked by me.”

Nipah virus, that spread fear among two districts of the state last year, also finds a passing mention as Kuttymama exclaims, “Do I have Nipah Virus for people to flee upon seeing me?”


Dhyan Sreenivasan reportedly plays his father’s younger version in the film. The older Sreenivasan is shown repenting for an act that he committed during his younger days. Just when the trailer seems to be charting into serious territory, it comes to a close with comic portions, suggesting strongly that the movie would be a light-hearted one.

Meera Vasudev plays Kuttymama’s love interest.

Kuttymama is produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner of Sree Gokulam Movies. After producing last year’s mega-budgeted Kayamkulam Kochunni, the company also produced Jeethu Joseph’s Mr and Mrs Rowdy starring Kalidas Jayaram and Aparna Balamurali.

Watch the trailer: