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Late Actor JK Rithesh’s Wife Jotheeswari Faces Threats Over Property Dispute

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Late actor-politician JK Ritesh’s wife Jotheeswari has alleged that film producer Adham Bhava, who was a close aide to her husband, broke into her Thiruvanmiyur residence to threaten her and her family over disputed properties in Chennai worth close to Rs 100 crores.


Speaking to Silverscreen, Jotheeswari says that the dispute arose from an agreement signed between Rithesh and Subrmani, the owner of a private school in Chennai, in January this year. After the sudden death of Rithesh due to a heart attack in April, she found out Ritesh agreed to buy six properties owned by Subramani in Chennai, for a reduced price of Rs 25 crores as there were income tax issues with the houses.

She said, “On January 10, Ritesh paid Rs 4 crore as an advance amount, promising to settle the rest. But after his death, I decided I did not want the houses and approached Subramani for the money. He agreed to pay me, and also advised us to leave the property as soon as he paid us, saying other problems could emerge. Subramani has not paid the amount yet, and has not been reachable over phone.”

She said that on July 26, Adham Bhava landed at the Thiruvanmiyur house claiming that Subramani had handed over the property to him. “When I told him that cannot be possible because of the agreement with my husband, Bhava said Rithesh borrowed the advance amount from him to pay Subramani, but he had no proof for this.” She said that instead of approaching the matter legally, Bhava broke into the house, threatening her and her children to leave immediately. “I told him I did not need the houses, and we will leave after I am returned Rs 4 crores, but he did not budge. He later broke into the property in T Nagar as well,” she said.


Jotheeswari filed a complaint with the Thiruvanmiyur police on July 26, but the police is yet to register an FIR. “Adham Bhava has been harassing us. He told us that both the Thiruvanmiyur and T Nagar police are on his side. I have approached the commissioner office with my complaint and they have agreed to help me,” she says.

JK Rithesh was an actor and ex-Member of Parliament, who has been with both the AIADMK and DMK during his political career. Adham Bhava is a film producer and director, who used to be a close aide and friend to Rithesh, and assisted him during the shoot for Nayagan in 2008.