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Leela Santhosh Denies Communication On Legal Action Against ‘Karinthandan’

Kerala’s first Adivasi filmmaker Leela Santhosh recently revealed the first look of her film Karinthandan. However, even before its release, the film created a controversy when assistant director Gopakumar GK claimed that the film’s title was copied from his project, for which he had already registered and started work on. The director also threatened legal action against Leela.


Speaking about the issue in an interview with OnManorama, Leela said that she was not aware of any such a thing. “I have not been communicated on any such thing and I am not aware of it. Let whatever come, for that’s not my area of concern,” she said.

Also talking about her social media life, Leela said that she was not active on social media and that her husband handles her account. Leela also expressed that she was delighted at the response  Karinthandan’s first look received. “With the poster being accepted by many, it comes as great responsibility to meet the expectations of the audience. I will try to give my best and work to bring the best result,” she added.

Ask the mother of four how she juggles work and motherhood, she says: “I make them all sleep by 10 pm and then start work. Since 2013, I have been working for Karinthandhandan. Writing it, re-writing it, changing it and improvising it. With kids around, it’s been pretty hectic but with the help of my husband, I am able to manage everything.”


According to reports, Gopakumar GK had already worked on the script for the movie over a year ago and had also registered the title. He further said that when Leela approached him to find out if he was going to work on the project, he replied in the affirmative. However, he was then shocked and puzzled when Leela released the film’s first look. When he pinged her to have a chat about the same, Leela was not available to make any comments. He finally added that he would seek legal action if anyone tried to release Leela’s film.

Gopakumar is currently working as an assistant director and finance controller for the Mammootty-starrer Maamaankam.