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Legal notice to actress Manorama


Abirami, granddaughter of actress Manorama and daughter of actor Boopathy, has sent a legal notice claiming her share of family property that are maintained by Manorama’s family. In her notice, Abirami has stated that Manorama suffers from a cardiac condition and her cognitive functions are deteriorating owing to a head injury. Boopathy, son of actress Manorama, is alcoholic and is not sober enough to maintain their immovable assets. Abirami has mentioned that Rajarajan, her brother, son of Boopathy and grandson of Manorama, has been exploiting Manorama and Boopathy. She stated that her brother has made Manorama and Boopathy transfer some of the assets to his possession and that she legally deserves her share.

Manorama and her family have been summoned to appear at the city court on August 22.

Image courtesy: The Hindu