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Libra Productions’ Ravichandran Says ‘Vivegam’ Was Based On His Story

Libra Productions’ Ravichandran has alleged that Ajith Kumar’s recent Vivegam was based on a script he’d narrated to the actor’s “associate”. In a passionate Facebook post, Ravichandran said that he’d made a presentation based on the script of his I-Na, to a ‘close associate’ of Ajith Kumar, who’d assured him that he would get an appointment with the actor. After three weeks, the associate told Ravichandran that Ajith did not want to do a film with a ‘debut director’.

Ravichandran also alleged that around sixty percent of Vivegam was based on his story idea and presentation. But, he refuted suggestions that either Ajith or Vivegam’s director Siva had anything to do with the plagiarism, as he had not met either of them.

Ravichandran said that some major technicians, to whom he’d narrated the script of I-Na, had called him after watching Vivegam as they saw the similarities. He has now asked for the associate’s immediate apology. If he fails to do so, Ravichandran says he will furnish evidence, and name the associate.

Ravichandran hopes to begin I-Na in 2018, and even uploaded a teaser for the film on his Facebook account.

A spokesperson for Ajith and Vivegam refused to comment on the allegations. Ravichandran, too, was not available for comment.