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Lingaa Distributors to Continue Protests

The distributors of Lingaa are unhappy with Rockline Venkatesh’s offer to compensate only around 10 percent of their losses. Venkatesh, though, insisted that he did not have enough resources to pay the “entire amount”. Speaking at a press meet on Saturday, Singaravelan, the spokesperson for Lingaa distributors said, “We were told that Lingaa would go on to be a super hit film. So, we paid the amount demanded by Vendhar Movies for the distribution rights. Now that the movie has not done as well as they claimed, we are suffering. They should reimburse the entire amount, 10 percent is just not enough.”


The tussle between the distributors and the Lingaa team began barely weeks after the film’s release on December 12. After a well publicised hunger protest in Chennai, the distributors held negotiations with T Siva of Vendhar Movies. Following this, a team was appointed to look into the claims of the distributors and compensate them.

“We’ve been co-operating with Vendhar Movies on this issue, but it has not gotten us anything. Some of us have outstanding dues because we procured loans to buy the rights,” declared Singaravelan.

The distributors also added that Eros International had bought Lingaa from the producers for a whopping sum of nearly Rs 157 crores. “The money that we are asking for is around Rs 34 crores, which is nothing compared to Rajinikanth’s salary for acting in the film. They are in a position to help us out, but they are not willing to do it. So, we are going to protest yet again.”


The distributors are planning to protest in front of Superstar Rajinikanth’s residence later this month. “We’re going to call it Mega Pichchai. We will go to every corner of Tamil Nadu and make sure that our story is heard.”

The group also hinted that a major political leader will be involved in this protest of theirs, giving rise to claims that the whole issue is probably politically motivated.

Meanwhile, news of the distributors’ unwillingness to back down has created a backlash, at least on social media.

The representative for Superstar Rajinikanth chose not to respond to our queries. Attempts to reach Rockline Venkatesh were also in vain.