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Madhumitha Confirms Vijay TV’s Police Complaint, Says She Didn’t Make Any Threats

Actress Madhumitha has said that a complaint was lodged against her by Vijay TV at the Guindy police station for allegedly threatening them to settle her payment for participating in Bigg Boss. At a press meet yesterday, she said the allegations were false and asked the channel and the show’s host Kamal Haasan to settle the issue.


As reported on Wednesday, both the spokesperson for Vijay TV and Madhumitha had said that the complaint was false. Madhumitha said yesterday, “I thought this was false news, but when I got repeated calls from the media, I asked my advocate to check at the police station. He confirmed that there was indeed a complaint against me filed by the channel.”

She said, “I want to clarify that Vijay TV’s allegations of my threat are not true. I contacted them for my payment and sent an invoice through my husband as per their request. They acknowledged receiving it and promised to pay me by a particular date. That’s all has happened. It is shocking to me that they lodged a complaint. I don’t know why they did it.”

Vijay TV has paid Madhumitha an advance amount of Rs 11.5 lakhs and promised to settle the pending amount of Rs 80,000 soon. In their complaint, the channel said that she threatened them and asked for a payment of the remaining amount within two days, and this breached their contract.

Madhumitha said, “I have been abiding by the terms of their contract, and have also only consulted their doctors without seeking any outside medical assistance.” She added that the channel has not been picking up her calls, and requested Vijay TV and Kamal Haasan to amicably settle the matter.


The spokesperson for Vijay TV has refused to comment on this. A police officer at Guindy police station confirmed to Silverscreen that they have received Vijay TV’s complaint and will begin investigation soon. According to a report by The News Minute, Inspector Chandru of the Guindy police station also clarified media reports about Madhumitha threatening to commit suicide in her communication with Vijay TV, and said that she only asked the channel to not cause her anymore stress.

Madhumitha was evicted from the reality show for attempting self harm after a pressurising week at the Bigg Boss house. She was evicted saying she violated the rules of the show, and following this, the channel was criticised for publicising the episode and not handling the situation sensitively.

Image Courtesy: IBTimes