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Madisaar Maami Turns Pulippu Inippu


Communal sentiments have lately been playing a major role in the release of films – from huge names like Viswaroopam and Thenaliraman to the lesser known Madisaar Maami. In fact, Madisaar Maami by Ranjith Bose never saw the light of the day after the Madras High Court issued a stay on its release last year.
The film has since been renamed Pulippu Inippu after the court held that the movie’s title is derogatory towards the Brahmin community. In a statement to the press, the film’s producer, Sushanth Kathru, announced the decision to change the title besides expressing regret for having hurt the sentiments of people concerned. Pulippu Inippu stars Mithun and Mansi in lead roles.