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Madras High Court Extends Stay Order On Nadigar Sangam Construction

The Madras High Court has refused to remove the stay on the construction of the new Nadigar Sangam premises. Following a report from a court-appointed surveyor, the Court extended the stay order for another two weeks.


Earlier in May, the Madras High Court directed the Nadigar Sangam to temporarily stall the construction of its new premises. The order was issued in response to a complaint filed by Srirangan and Annamalai of Vidyodaya Colony, who alleged that the Nadigar Sangam had encroached on 33 feet of public road connecting Prakasam Road and Habibullah Road in Chennai’s T Nagar area.

At a recent hearing, the court-appointed surveyor requested more time to submit his report. The bench allotted two weeks extra time for the surveyor to submit his findings. It also extended the stay order for another two weeks. When the counsel for the Nadigar Sangam protested the decision, the bench said that it was only doing what was right.