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Madurai Maa Vendhargal Nearing Completion

Director VK Vijay Kanna’s debut project, Madurai Maa Vendhargal is at the brink of completion, with just one song left to be canned. It is said that the movie is slated to hit the theatres sometime in June.


Director Vijay Kanna stated that the first half of the movie is set in Madurai, while the second half takes place in Chennai. Madurai Maa Vendhargal is said to be a comedy-drama on how the hero and his sidekicks manage to get back their hard-earned money from a politician.

The director said, “There were ‘combination love scenes’ for two supporting actors who act as sidekicks to hero Ajay and heroine Archana. During the shoot, the supporting actors fell in love with each other and eloped. I had to be in the police station for a day to prove that our team doesn’t know about their intention. Later, Ajay’s friend came and rescued me. Due to continuity issues, we have rejected their portions in the film.


Also, the crew met with an accident while they were shooting a song on a sand island located in Kovalam. The motor boat got stuck in the middle of the sea and it got pulled into the water by strong sea currents. “The entire crew was super scared and heroine Archana fainted. Later, a rescue boat had to come and take us back to the shore,” he added.

Madurai Maa Vendhargal has actors Appukutti, Kadhal Sukumar, Devadarshini, Vijay Anand, P Pandu, Poo Vilangu Mohan, Nellai Siva, Manager Krishnamoorthy, Vengal Rao and Saparna in supporting roles. Cinematographer R Kumar has cranked the camera while AL Ramesh has edited the movie which is bankrolled by S Thanigaivel of RSSS Pictures.