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‘Magalir Mattum’ Director G Bramma Dismisses Plagiarism Allegations

Writer Supraja has claimed that the story of the recently released film, Magalir Mattum, starring Jyothika, is her story, based on a series that she had written for a Tamil daily. She has alleged that she will lodge a police complaint against the makers and the director.


Responding to the allegation, director of the film, Bramma told Silverscreen, “Nobody can claim that Magalir Mattum is their story because, I wrote this script based on the true incidents that happened in my life. I have all the records for that as well. My mother had met her three friends via Facebook and I have written the script based on this incident and I had put a status of this incident, too, on Facebook four years ago.”

He added, “These kind of allegations are very common in Tamil cinema. I am just hearing about such allegations against me only now, and I can explain to the writer about my story, when we discuss about this.”

Magalir Mattum is about how a young woman reunites three older women, who didn’t meet ever after their college days. Jyothika plays the role of a young documentary filmmaker.