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Maharashtra Home Department: No Special Remission For Sanjay Dutt

The Maharashtra Government has been forced to defend its decision to permit Sanjay Dutt to walk free early from prison. According to a PTI report, an official from the Home State Department has said that Dutt’s release was in accordance with rules and regulations.

“Just like a common prisoner, not a single day of special remission has been awarded to him. He has been treated as an ordinary prisoner all along,” the official added. 


On June 12, the Bombay High Court had asked the state government of Maharashtra for an explanation regarding it’s decision to grant Sanjay Dutt an early release. The court had directed the state government to file an affidavit which should state the criterion followed while giving Dutt the leniency of release. 

The official further stated, “The prison department has already submitted the affidavit on the actor’s release and the rest of the details will be provided by us.”

Sanjay Dutt was released on February 2016 and was let out of jail eight months prior to the actual date of release. 

At present, Dutt is shooting for Bhoomi. He has not commented on the issue thus far.