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Mahesh On ‘En Kadhali Scene Podra’

En Kadhali Scene Podra Movie Stills Starring Mahesh, Shalu Chourasiya
En Kadhali Scene Podra Movie Stills Starring Mahesh, Shalu Chourasiya

Angadi Theru fame Mahesh has completed a new movie with an interesting title – En Kadhali Scene Podra. The film was launched earlier this year, with director Ram Siva at the helm.

Mahesh says that he has attempted comedy in the film and that it was quite a new but fulfilling experience for him. “You know the kind of films I’ve made so far. For me, everything is a change. Even the title itself is a fun take on relationships and love. The story is inspired by real-life incidents so it felt very comfortable in a way and also fulfilling.”

The team wrapped up the shoot in just under a month’s time, says Mahesh. “It was a short time that we all spent together but it has been am unforgettable journey. I have ventured out of my safe zone with this film and it’s certainly the kind of change I’ve been looking forward to. I believe that this will be a refreshing change in my career thus far,” he added.

Mahesh strongly believes that the music for En Kadhali Scene Podra by Amrish is very good. “Often I would think to myself while dancing to his music whether I’d be able to do justice to them. He is a very talented young composer. After Angadi Theru, my films’ music did not reach that well. I feel that En Kadhali Scene Podra will attain the heights of Angadi Theru for sure.”

The team went out of the way to make Mahesh feel comfortable. “And I’m very grateful for that. It’s been a lovely experience. We launched the audio recently and the response has been very positive. I feel like we have all been a part of something very positive. I know that the audience will like it. I want them to,” he added.

Shalu is the female lead of this film. The release date has not been announced as yet by the team.

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