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Malayalam Actor Dileep Lashes Out At Media For Using Daughter’s Name In Reports

Malayalam actor Dileep strongly condemned a Filmibeat article titled, ‘Big Question! Will Dileep Ever Marry Kavya Madhavan? .

The actor lashed out at the website for mentioning his daughter, Meenakshi, in the report. Calling it yellow journalism, the actor posted a status on Facebook expressing his disapproval over the article.

The article has reported that the actor, in an interview to a regional magazine, had said that he would marry actress Kavya Madhavan only if his daughter permitted it. The article also alleged that his daughter Meenakshi had the final say on major decisions in the actor’s life.


Dismissing these statements, the enraged actor in his Facebook post said, “What does this ‘moron’ reporter who wrote the article know about my relationship with my daughter? My daughter has been affected a lot by this incident and is mature enough to handle the situation. Journalists have no right to mention her.”

The actor concluded his post threatened the media with legal action if they persisted in spreading baseless rumours. He said, “I am warning you to stay away from spreading such baseless rumours about my daughter; if not, I will take legal action against them. We have been facing such gossips for more than a year but not any more.”


Recently, in an interview with Indian Express, the actor confirmed that Kavya Madhavan was not the reason he divorced his wife, Manju Warrier. He said, “My life has been an open book and whenever a new thing happens, it will be communicated to all. Time will tell everything.” Actress Kavya Madhavan also dismissed reports of romantic relationship between them. She said, “Dileep is not just a great co-star but also my closest friend. When we work with people who we are close to, acting becomes comfortable. Without realising, a chemistry works out.”

Dilip and Manju Warrier separated in 2014.

Meanwhile, the actor awaits the release of his movie, Welcome to Central Jail, directed by Sundar Dass. It is scheduled for a September 10 release. He has also announced Rathish Ambat’s directorial venture – Kammara Sambhavam, which marks the acting debut of Tamil actor Siddharth in Malayalam.

Feature image courtesy: Facebook