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Malayalam Actress: The Shame Of Abduction Is Theirs, Not Mine

Last February, the alleged abduction of a Malayalam actress had shocked fans in Kerala. Now, in a detailed interview with a Malayalam magazine Vanitha, as reported by the Indian Express, the actress said that it is important to speak about the incident, and the ones who committed the crime should bear the pain of shame, not her. 


The actress was abducted by her ex-driver and four others while returning from Thrissur to Kochi, after the completion of a shoot. So far, five individuals have been accused, with two arrested, including her current driver Martin and Pulsar Suni. The actor rubbishes Suni’s claim that money was the sole motive for the assault. In her opinion, a conspiracy had been hatched against her. 

Responding to a question about whether she thought there was a conspiracy, she said, “How will a driver who drives stars to and from locations have the courage to do this? Who, why, how?” While she said it wasn’t necessary that her enemies in the industry were behind the abduction, she said, “But if they say all this was done just for money, then there are links that don’t connect. I have several questions, for which I need satisfactory answers. I will fight until I win.”  


She further said that she would stand her ground and not compromise. She said, “In my case, I have permanent friends and permanent enemies in the industry. I never apologise for mistakes I have not committed. I would rather be known as arrogant, than being known as someone who landed a role by repeatedly apologizing and compromising.”

The actor is being lauded for speaking up bravely, and thereby encourage others who have undergone a similar experience is to stand up and fight. She said, “If this happened to me, it can happen to anybody. If I can speak about what happened to me, anybody can speak up. So please don’t cover up these issues. Why do we allow the hunters to escape? It is not women who should bear the pain of shame, but those who committed the crime.”