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Manikarnika’s Writer KV Vijayendra Prasad Clarifies That The Film Portrays Rani Laxmibai In A Respectable Manner

Writer KV Vijayendra Prasad of Baahubali fame, who has penned the script for Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, has clarified that the upcoming epic drama portrays  Rani Laxmibai in the most respectable manner.


Responding to all the religious outfits who claim that the film misrepresents their queen, the writer via a press release said that there is no scene in the film that would degrade her in any way.

“No need to worry about Manikarnika as I have portrayed her in the most respectable way. She is a warrior who fought against the British. She is my favourite woman leader. I have grown up reading about her. So, I will always portray her in an inspirational way,” he said.

The writer further stated that one would feel pride after watching the film. “The film’s title is Manikarnika, because it is her name. Her parents named her that because she was born in Kasi and the Manikarnika Ghat there is very famous. Even I named my daughter Manikarnika, so you now know how much I respect Rani Laxmibai,” he further said.
Early this week, a Brahmin society going by the name of Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha in Rajasthan alleged that the movie is disrespectful to Rani Laxmibai as it shows the queen in a relationship with an Englishman.The Global Brahmin Foundation has mentioned that historical facts have been distorted in Manikarnika and has claimed that this film is completely detached from history.

The film is based on the book Rani, written by Jaishree Misra and the book mentions that Rani Laxmibai had a love affair with officer Robert Ellis. At the time of its publication, the book was banned in Uttar Pradesh.

In the film, Kangana will be seen performing war sequences. The story is written by KV Vijayendra Prasad and the film is directed by the National Award winning director Krish. The film is scheduled for release in June 2018.


Feature Image: Bollywood Hungama